It gives us great pleasure in bringing out the seventh edition of Brilliant Brain Bank (BBB) in completely new form. Responsiveness to the requirements of students with expedition and promptitude is an important touchstone to gauge the efficiency level and performance of any MED/ENGG entrance examination coaching institution.

Brilliant Brain BankStudents of an institution have the right to get a book, which is the fountainhead and unlimited store-house of all knowledge needed by them. That is why we are bringing out this edition of Brilliant Brain Bank. It is a pride and honour for us to have the overwhelming response from the students to the previous edition that has inspired us to throughly revise the seventh edition.

We do hope that the students will appreciate the fresh approach that we have adopted in thisbook. Our first concern in solving questions has been clarity and simplicity, that is the clearest presentation we could devise with minimum fuss and clutter that are the usual features of MED/ENGG entrance exam. Books.

In this seventh edition of Brilliant Brain Bank our prime concerns are completeness and speed of access. The new Brilliant Brain Bank provides more questions and more detailed solutions than has been possible in previous editions. In preparing this revision we have taken advantage of improvements suggested by various teachers as well as students and hereby express our deep appreciation. The real purpose of this book will be served only if the new methods are used by students. This alone could make Brilliant’s effort more fulfilling and gratifying.

We are indebted to our faculty and students for their valuable criticism and comments. We have made all possible efforts to remove all the printing errors that had crept in. We would like to solicit new suggestions and criticism from teachers and students which will enable us to undertake further revision and refinement in the ensuing editions.